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AMBASSADOR PARALEGAL was formed by George Swaddling
some seventeen years ago.

George was a Police Officer with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service from 1973 to 1988. While serving for 15 years as a Police Constable, George gained tremendous knowledge and application of Police duties, investigations, arrests, prisoner processing, the gathering of evidence for Court and the Court process.

George served first of all in Uniform at 53 Division (Yonge and Eglinton area) for 6 years and then continued on to One District Traffic Unit (downtown/Exhibition area) where he was able to focus his knowledge on Traffic Accident investigation, operating Radar and an in depth knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act.

George finished his last 6 years of his career with the Toronto Police in the North end of Toronto at 31 Division, commonly known as the Jane/Finch corridor.

At 31 Division George moved through the ranks from Uniform to Major Crime Unit (plain clothes and drug unit) to Detective.

In January 1988, George resigned his position with the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service and moved with his family to Windsor, Ontario, where he started up his Paralegal practice in February 1988.

To date, George’s combined professional experience spans 32 years in the Police Service and knowledge of the Court system.

Along with his Paralegal practice and responsibilities of Defending individuals in Court, George is also the Prosecutor for the Town of LaSalle and for the last two years has been teaching a  Paralegal  course at the Community College level.

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